Plans that had fallen through and a missed ferry connection landed us in Ocean Grove purely by accident on a damp dreary day in February 2009. My Mom had been to Ocean Grove a long time ago and said I had to see it. The beautiful boardwalk, beaches, architecture, and a thriving main street even in February had me hooked. The only question that remained was shall we buy or rent. A cruel twist of fate had my husband diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after our first visit to Ocean Grove, so the race was on to find something to buy so that he could enjoy his final months near the ocean. My mom got the job of searching for real estate and that is when our relationship with James J. Pentz Realtors began. Karen Pentz was in the office the day my mom walked in. I don’t think there is anyone that knows more about Ocean Grove’s past, present, and future than Karen Pentz. She found the perfect home for us and we signed on the dotted line December 15th (my birthday!). Life in Ocean Grove began for our family. My husband did get to spend some time in Ocean Grove and loved the small town urban feel to it. Walking the dogs on the beach off season was one of his favorite activities. Our 12 year old son got involved in the children’s programs and spent the entire summer tan, full of ice cream cones and happy. The summer came to an end the idea of making Ocean Grove our permanent home began to take shape. My husband died in October 2010 happy to know that my son and I would be moving to Ocean Grove the following spring. The sense of community that would surround us brought him great peace of mind. I write this two weeks after all the boxes have been unpacked and know that it was the best move we could have ever made. We still enjoy a wonderful friendship with Karen Pentz and her office remains our best source for names of plumbers to places to get your hair cut. We also enjoy an open invitation to view the 4th of July parade from the front porch of 78 Main Street. My son says it is the best place to catch the candy that is tossed freely from the parade participants. Now after extended family and friends have visited and fallen in love with everything Ocean Grove has to offer we need more real estate. Get ready Karen!

Pictured above (clockwise): Joe Scott, Liz Scott, Bess Scott, Nick Scott, and Karen Pentz, Broker

Everyone Loves A Parade!